How it works? (for experience makers)

  1. You create new experience, something you’ve done in one of these categories: travel, action, fitness, food, fun, art, crafts, animals, tech, fitness, dance, social, etc. The experience is a picture or short video plus title and explanation.
  2. Others can dive in your experience. They post how they repeat your experience.
  3. The more dives (repeats) has an experience, the more points your earn in the game.

How can I try?

We are now looking for experience makers and testers all over the world.
Want to test it before launch or to add your experience? Sign up to our list of test users. You will be the first to try. This link will guide you to our Mailchimp sign up form: http://eepurl.com/bOWc89. We promise we won’t send you anything annoying.

What's next?

We will let you know when the app is ready for your experience.